Welcome to my Free Spirit Mama blog!

Why free spirit? Because I’m a big supporter of natural birth, long term breastfeeding, co-sleeping, gentle kids education and I could go on with all the natural approach in maternity. I'm free of all the barriers that society is trying to persuade us with, what is right and what's not, what's popular this moment etc., especially when it comes to birth and breastfeeding. I think God and Mother Nature gave us all we need, a perfect bodies that doesn't need scientists and doctors to tell us what and how to do... You all have it in your genes mama! You can do it! Of course there are cases that need special medical attention, but I'm talking in general, most of us women are all capable to gave birth and feed our babies the way Mother Nature would want us to. 
And deep down in my heart, before all this what you going to read here about me, before all the blog posts and beautiful photos, before all social media and influencer mania, I believe one simple thing. It’s only true love that gives us true happiness and fulfillment. I always new that, but didn’t completely understand until becoming a mother and for that I'm endlessly grateful to my beautiful daughter Isabella, who has a face of a princess, heart of an angel and energy of a three loud boys.

My name is Iris Mulej, born and raised in Slovenia, an artistic soul, with a finished jewelry design degree and even though I’m more of a shy person, life somehow pushed me into the world of fashion and beauty. Of course as almost any other girl I always admired beautiful models but never thought of myself becoming one. So I started modeling and wining beauty titles one by other, with Miss Slovenia and Miss Universe Slovenia at the top! After that “boom!” I became a successful model, working and traveling around the world, appearing in newspapers and on magazine covers, hosting live events, visiting TV studios and along that meet many interesting people, like Hollywood celebrities and also the President of America, Mr. Donald Trump.

So it turns out that I actually like show-business and somehow overcome my shyness every time when being on stage or in front of the camera. 

But as much as all this sounds cool and fun, there’s no better feeling than becoming a mother. And here I’m now, living a perfect mommy life! Pff! Yeah right, just kidding! Ok, I’m a happy mom, but “perfect” isn’t really the word most of mommies would use...or would you?! I mean, there’s always lack of time to do anything, sleeping in one piece is history, going on a toilet alone, history... eating your meal in peace, history... having a romantic talk, date or dinner with your soulmate... yep, history! I know my man would agree here! But on the end, I’m still the happiest ever! Do you feel me mommies!?!  

As a mom of almost two-year-old I’m constantly discovering what’s out there, best for my baby (and me!). Weather is a food, cosmetics, clothes, toys etc., I’m here for you, to test a certain products that I found and if I think they’re really good I’ll give you some trusted results... plus I will try to provide you a discount codes from some brands that I use so you can try them cheaper! But that’s not all! 

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