FSM team


Wanna receive a free product or even better, wanna test a product and get paid?
If you’re an influencer or you wanna become one and want to receive free products and make money with posting on Instagram let me know! Submit your message and subscribe here and I’ll put you on my list of FSM team. 

Some most common questions I get:
- Who can register to my Free Spirit Mama team / FSM team ?
I work with so many different brands, that anyone can join me. Man or woman, a teenager or a busy mama. And I’m welcoming instagrammers with any number of followers in the FSM team, whether you have 100 or 10,000 followers, if my clients like you, they'll work with you. So anyone who is an active instagrammer can do promotions with me!
- Do I have to pay anything?
Usually no! But sometimes you may get a really special promotional price as my FSM team.
Probably many of you are doing this for the first time so you might not know exactly which stories you hear about influencer marketing are really true.
- Do some influencers really get lots of free products and money from brands? 
Yes they do!
Because brands see influencer marketing as a marketing channel for their products or service.
- Note!
Sometimes, if the brand is giving away 100 or more items, they might ask you to pay the postage yourself. But that shouldn’t be a problem if you're getting an item worth €30, €50 or more for free.